Established in Taiwan in 1998, BAFANG YUNJI has become the biggest Dumpling Specialty Store in Taiwan. We now have 630 BAFANG YUNJI stores in Taiwan. We have close relationship with all our franchisees. This is one of the key to our success.

Our vision is to provide the freshest top quality products to the general public. This is to ensure all our franchisees have the best opportunity to become profitable in their business venture with the BAFANG YUNJI brand. Also to ensure our relationship with all our franchisees are long and prosperous.

We now provide opportunities for all potential qualified franchisee to use minimal funding to achieve their dream of owning their first business; or for those that want to have a second chance in owning their business. We only require the basic franchisee fee and will not require potential franchisees to pay any other additional fee outside the usual business practice.

We hope we have close relationship with all our franchisees. At the same time, we hope that all our franchisees can be fully involved in the running of their BAFANG YUNJI store. From our past experience, this is the key to the BAFANG YUNJI franchising success!

The Food and hospitality industry is recognized one of the toughest industry to enter; but using the method of franchising, all the franchisees can be fully involved in the opening and running the actual BAFANG YUNJI store and not to worry about the rest of the business routines. When you join the BAFANG YUNJI brand, you can share our Head Office’s resource and the strong BAFANG YUNJI brand.

We sincerely welcome you to join our franchise to create a better future for you and the BAFANG YUNJI brand.

How to become a Franchisee
We provide two types of franchising method:
Normal Franchisee: Perfect for the first timers in the food and hospitality industry
Commissioned Franchisee: Based on our selection and reviewed process. For those with qualified experience to run one of our existing BAFANG YUNJI stores.
For more details please call our FRANCHISEE HOTLINE (852) 2410 9858.